Fit Fight

Each Wednesday and Friday (starting March 1st) in Oak Creek (just off the expressway on 27th and College Ave) join our Fit Fight Nights for only $5 per class, hosted by Reggie Davis, founder and creator of Rhythmix Fitness.

Fit Fight is the first of its kind. This rhythmix - heavy bag fitness and boxing workout is for anyone ages 13 and up. The Fit Fight classes are low impact, fun, and safe and geared for people of all fitness levels.

Fit Fight - Wednesday & Friday:

Combat - 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Strength- 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Rhythmic Strike - 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

Location: Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness: 6508 S. 27th Street, Oak Creek, WI.

RHYTHMIC STRIKE is a fun uptempo class that consists of a variety of physical combat-style strikes performed to the beat of music. This workout will primarily target the upper body by performing various upper body style strikes.  Also within this class is added core and agility movements.  If you're looking for a dance club-style atmosphere while getting a great workout, this is the class for you!

Fit Fight Milwaukee Opening Night 2019

COMBAT is our full body fitness kickboxing class.  This class is a heavy bag focused group workout that uses punching and kicking to give individuals a realistic method of practicing their techniques while using the 80 pound heavy bags as exercise tools.  Each class delivers a combination of aerobics, martial arts, and boxing to provide anyone with a full body workout. This 45 minute class is great for beginners or even the advanced kick boxer because it works your entire body, mind, and cardiovascular system. This method has been known to assist individuals with weight lost and overall health and wellness.

STRENGTH is a special edition of our very popular Bootyology class with the use of kickboxing. This class will primarily target the lower body with exercises that target the core, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps with the use of the heavy bag.

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Sign up now for as little as $5 per class!

Limited spots bags available. Reservation required for $5 class pass!


FREE": There is no charge for Nova Gyms members enrolled in our $75 per month for unlimited classes (includes kickboxing, mma fundamentals, and fitness classes) on our schedule. You can purchase this package by clicking here>>>>>

$5 per class: Drop in to any of the three Fit Fight classes for just $5 per class with reservation prior to the class. You can purchase this package by clicking here >>>>>

$40 Friday Fit Fight Package: Attend all three of the Fit Fight classes every Friday of each month for only $40 per month. You can purchase this package by clicking here>>>>>

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need boxing gloves?: Yes you will need boxing gloves for these classes. If you have your own pair of boxing gloves you are welcome to wear them here at our gym.

12oz and 16oz Boxing Gloves

If you do not have boxing gloves then we have boxing gloves at our gym that you can borrow (first come first serve). Otherwise, you can purchased a set of gloves that come with a set of protective hand wraps online and we will have them here at the gym ready for you when you get there.

The boxing gloves we carry here at Nova Gyms are higher quality than what you get from big box stores like Walmart and Target. Our gloves offer more padding and protection than other brands.

Can I bring my kids?: We are a family friendly environment and we do have stools and limited seating around the gym, that said if you in have a well behaved child who will not disrupt the other members during the class then they are welcome to come along with you. Kids ages 12 and up could also participate in the Fit Fight classes.

We also have a kids (4-12 years) self defense class from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm on Friday nights in Oak Creek. Maybe your child would like to give Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a try? If so, message us and we can get you more of the details.

Do I need to make a reservation?: These classes are first come first serve. You can pay inside when you come but that will not guarantee you a spot. However, if you reserve your spot online then we can guarantee your spot.

If you have any other questions you can also text us 414-301-4133 or message us on Facebook here>>>