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Hi, I’m Chris Martin one of jiu jitsu fundamentals coacesh here at Nova Gyms in Oak Creek, and Pewaukee, WI .I’m passionate about teaching people jiu jitsu and introducing them to the lifestyle that accompanies this healthy martial art. which has played a huge part in shaping my life. Since opening our first Nova in 2014, I've seen Nova jiu jitsu have a very positive impact our students and families who you will meet here at Nova when you enroll into our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fundamentals program. In this four week program who will learn everything you need to know to create a strong base that you can keep building your jiu jitsu game on top of after the four weeks are over.... from guard sweeps and submissions, to side control and mount escapes, as well as the complete back take series (for BJJ or MMA) taught right here in Oak Cree and Pewaukee by Nova’s own, UFC coach, Marc Laimon.

try something new, you’ve got nothing to lose, except weight.

  • Perfect For students with no Brazilian jiu jitsu, or martial arts experience.

  • Learn basic offensive positions, defensive positions and transitions that you will need to know to take a first level BJJ class. 

  • Great for self defense and also a great alternative to traditional exercise.

  • All the coaches have patience with all of the students, we want you to succeed.

To get started just fill out the form below and I will contact you to set up your schedule. You will not need a uniform for my 4 -week BJJ program, however many students feel more comfortable training in the GI. If you are interested in purchasing a uniform from us you can purchase it at the gym, or purchase one on the website shop. 

The Nova uniforms are for sale for $129, but at the end of your 4 week program you decide not to continue we will buy the uniform back from you! Money back guarantee!!

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