Strength & Conditioning - Fitness

Train like a mixed martial artist using non-traditional fitness equipment and body weight exercises to transform your body. Our strength and conditioning class is a 45 minute, small group, circuit-style workout which combines mixed martial arts movements, techniques, and exercises that will get anyone fit like a fighter.

Whether you are an athlete looking to perform in your sport better, or someone who has taken some time off from the gym, this class will show you results quickly and help your grow. Although this class allows you to you go at your own pace, there will always be a coach by your side making sure you are performing each exercise properly and helping you get through the entire workout. It’s like having a personal trainer without paying the high cost!

These strength and conditioning classes are offered at our Oak Creek location and are designed for individuals looking to lose weight, build and tone muscle, and strengthen their core. These metabolic circuits consist of power training, plyometrics, cardio, muscular endurance, and core development. No matter what your experience or fitness level, our coaching staff at Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness can help you maximize your potential in these fitness classes.