Join Our Mixed Martial Arts Team Starting March 2019

After a number of our members reached out to us with interest of building a mixed martial arts team here in Oak Creek we immediately started speaking with the coaches so that we could begin offering this program this spring in Oak Creek. After all, since opening our gym in 2014 we have built a solid foundation of striking and jiu jitsu into our students core competencies. Now we are excited for the opportunity to continue to develop ourselves, and our community as martial artists.

Apply Now To Join The Team:

build your foundation in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. No prior experience Needed To Apply:

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About You
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MMA Classes - Spring Schedule & Coaches:

MMA Classes taught by Rob Smith are Tuesday & Thursday at 6pm - 7pm and Saturday at 11 am - 12pm. 

MMA "Breakfast Club" Classes with Kaz are Wednesday & Friday  6am - 7am.

A typical MMA Class might look something like this:

*3 Rounds -Shadow Boxing Warmup

*6 Rounds (3 each) - heavy bag /ground and pound bag drills
*10 minutes - Jab/Cross shoot Partner Drill
*6 Rounds MMA Guard Drills
*15 Minutes Wall and Brawl/Dirty Boxing Drills

1 minute rounds....30 second rest between rounds.....1 minute transition between drills....roughly 10-15 minutes of instruction time (+ rest period corrections)

Coach Kaz says to "expect a lot of Wrestling, Grappling and Striking inspired drilling that will be tied up in a bow with a good dose of short interval situational live ‘Goes’ ......cuz, ‘Drills Build Skills!’” 

Coach Rob Smith says someone in his MMA class can expect “allot of situational drilling and moving with strikes, grappling, and kickboxing techniques with our partners.  We don’t need to worry about getting hurt in these classes as they are meant for drilling and creating active muscle memory and reaction based movements to create good habits for MMA and self defense”.

Equipment Needed - MMA training gloves, MMA shin pads, and a pair of 16 oz boxing / sparring gloves.

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