YOGA - Oak Creek, WI

Yoga is now available for our gym members as well as the general community who seems to have little access to important preventative services, like Yoga. Please come and practice Yoga with us in a clean, friendly, and non-judgmental environment.  

Yoga Instructor Oak Creek - Jessica

Meet Coach Jessica ....... 

Jessica enjoys working with people of all levels and also specializes in working with MMA fighters who need extra focus on hip flexibility, and core strength. The muscles in the body are all connected to each other and our daily movements, or lack of, can create tension and stress on the individual which could lead to illness or injury if we do not treat it. Yoga is a proven tool that we are excited to provide our members starting June 6th, 2017. 

Jessica is now teaching classes starting June 6th in Oak Creek and will focus on preventative movements that our members can use to mitigate injury, and increase physical and mental longevity. 

Classes Start June 6th, 2017 -Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10:30am

Three Reasons To Do YOGA:

  1. Improve core strength and flexibility that is lacking in our daily life.   

2.) Develop a connection of mind with body awareness that some how has not been taught to us. 

3) Improve your explosiveness for BJJ and Muay Thai, or for just general overall well-being.