Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Kids)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is hands down - THE BEST - non-violent, self defense for children and teens because it provides a smaller, weaker opponent with the advantage against a larger assailant, or bully ALL WITHOUT HAVING TO THROW A PUNCH (punching is a no-no is most schools around the country today)!

12 Year Old Raina from Pewaukee wins Gold this BJJ tournamnet.

Our typical classes provide a demonstration of techniques and moves that the students learn a each day in our beginner, and advanced kids programs offered at our gyms in Oak Creek and Pewaukee, WI. After thorough preparation, our students implement these new techniques in a controlled and supervised sparring session (called “rolling”), where they are able to practice their learned techniques against resisting opponents. Jiu-Jitsu practice removes dangerous punches and kicks from our training so students can spar during each training session which increases their proficiency in this sport with each class they take. Kids ages 4-12 years old will enjoy grappling and learning how to use their bjj moves with their peers in our kids martial arts program.

Kids are promoted in our schools using the IBJJF jiu jitsu belt ranking system as they progress in our programs where they will are ranked with belts based on their proficiency, time practicing bjj, and age.

In addition to our classes many of our students participate in both local, and regional jiu jitsu tournaments where they have the opportunity to win belts, medals, and samurai swords with a succesful showing on the mats. Tournaments are not necessary or mandatory but many of our kids do compete.

Most kids spend too much time behind the TV or their phones these days, fortunately our kids jiu jitsu program combines enough mental and physical stimulation to keep your children engaged, active, healthy, and most importantly confident with themselves. Give us a try today and ask for a free trial for your child!

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