Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments & Scrimmages

Not everyone needs to compete to enjoy the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, however for those that decide that they want to test their skills against other jiu jitsu practitioners Nova BJJ will support you by organizing events in the community, as well as coaching you in local bjj tournaments. Here are a list of upcoming events that you can compete in or just come to hang out and watch!

Upcoming Midwest BJJ Events

Grappling for Good-Tap Out Cancer - Chicago, Illinois: October 19, 2019

NCGA Marquette University Team Duel vs TBD - Milwaukee, Wisconsin: October 27, 2019

Grappling Industries - Milwaukee, Wisconsin: November 2, 2019

American Grappling Federation - Oak Lawn, Illinois: November 2, 2019

NAGA - Lynwood, Illinois: November 9, 2019

Grappling Industries - Oak Lawn, Illinois: February 1, 2020

Nova Gyms Results From Past Tournaments

BJJ 4 Change - Micro Events & Scrimmages:

Blue Belt Micro Tournament - Milwaukee, WI: July 29, 2017 Check out the results here>>>

Fuji BJJ:

Milwaukee, WI: June 29, 2019

Grappling Games:

Chicago, IL: June 22, 2019 (click here)

Milwaukee, WI: August 18, 2019 (results coming soon)

Oak Lawn, IL: October 5, 2019 - (results coming soon)

Grappling Industries:

Milwaukee, WI: May 5, 2019 (click here)

Milwaukee, WI: January 27, 2019 (click here)

Oak Lawn, IL: September 22, 2019 (coming soon)

Marquette University Tournaments:

Marquette U. Team Duel versus Northern Illinois U. - Milwaukee, WI: April 27, 2019. Check out the results here>>>

Marquette University Public Scrimmage - Milwaukee, Wisconsin: October 6th, 2019

MB Grappling:

MB Grappling (Combat Corner) - Milwaukee, WI: April 20, 2019 (click here)


Lynwood, Illinois: May 11, 2019 (click here)


New Breed - Chicago, Illinois: July 13, 2019

BJJ is still a young and growing sport with a bright future and one thing is certain, tournaments, scrimmages, and super fight style events are bringing awareness to this sport in a big way. Jiu Jitsu events are a great place to hangout and enjoy watching the sport that we love.

One way we can create a positive jiu jtsu competition is by hosting BJJ Scrimmages which were created to mitigate bad tournament experiences and help beginners (or non-competitive daily practitioners) the opportunity to test themselves on the mats. Nova has hosted a number of these scrimmages and the BJJ community loves them.