What Are BJJ Scrimmages For Kids & Adults?

Our event's provide an alternative to the long wait times, short match times, and expensive entry fee's (with low ROI) that traditional BJJ tournaments continue to deliver.

BJJ scrimmages and micro- tournaments are a grassroots collaboration of BJJ tournament style events that benefit all of the students, coaches, gyms, and sponsors involved in our projects. 

These events are hosted at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools, or public entertainment venues, and guarantee participants a better bang for their buck when it comes to competitive rolling, and exposure in the sport.

Why We Started BJJ Scrimmages:

Over the years beginner jiu jitsu students register for local BJJ tournaments only to receive a bad experience that caused them to become discouraged from participating in the BJJ event, and thus quitting BJJ all together. Long wait times at tournaments put a damper on any first timer experience when you end up dedicating your entire day to the event, and if you lose, well that sucks really bad. Wasted day, and wasted $100 bjj tournament buy-in. Sometimes competitors show up to the tournament and only 1 other guy is in your bracket so you only end up getting one match (not much experience win or lose)....

Let's be honest, the traditional BJJ tournament venue is not a good experience for beginners getting their feet wet in the sport. That is why we created BJJ Scrimmages!

BJJ Scrimmages was created to mitigate bad tournament experiences and we are glad to say that we have succeeded in doing this so far by hosting our friendly jiu jitsu events.

The BJJ community loves these, the sport is being promoted, it helps the beginner practitioners build confidence, and best of all these events give people something healthy and affordable to do with their family!

These events work well as a tool for personal growth, it should be a community experience and people are asking us to grow it, so we are.

BJJ scrimmages are designed to help children of all ages and adults of all ages gain valuable competitive experience without paying steep registration costs and spending all day at a venue!

Typical Event Details:

Pre-registration is done by participants prior to the scrimmage, typically closes 5pm the night before the event. Check-ins and bracketing are done 30 minutes prior to scheduled event time. Keep in mind these events always start on time, so far!  

Rules: Kids and adults matches will both follow a bjj scoring system as follows:

-2 points for a takedown

-2 points for knee on belly

-2 points for a sweep

-3 points for side control

-4 points for full mount

-4 points for back control with both hooks

Submissions will be optional in the children's divisions and will be determined by the child's comfort level as well as the discretion of the coach and/or parent. 

There are no medals awarded, our goal is to give every competitor as many competitive rolls possible. We are all about gaining experience, we will keep track of points but will raise both competitors hand in the event of no submission.

Competitors will not leave with medals but will leave with competition experience, having rolled as many times as possible with new faces from the Midwest BJJ community!

These events get bigger every time and we are excited to bring new schools in from all over the state and surrounding area!