Mixed Martial Arts For Adults

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a mixture of the very best techniques of all martial arts mixed together. In the early days of the UFC, MMA pitted one style of fighter against another, however as the UFC evolved, it became clear that one style was not enough to be truly effective. At Nova our MMA program focuses on both striking, grappling, and wrestling both standing and on the ground.We offer mma classes to beginner and intermediate students interested in taking their fitness routine to a new level. The class is typically 1 hour long and involves pad work using focus mitts, Thai pads, kick shields and heavy bags.

After The Mixed Martial Arts Class In Oak Creek

What is a typical class like?

First of, we don’t need to worry about getting hurt in these classes as they are meant for drilling and creating active muscle memory and reaction based movements to create good habits for MMA and self defense.

Shadow boxing for warmup’s, heavy bag /ground and pound bag drills with partners, MMA guard recovery and attack drills, wall boxing drills with pummeling, muay thai & grappling drills. Someone in his MMA class can expect allot of situational drilling and moving with strikes, grappling, and kickboxing techniques with our partners.  

Equipment Needed - MMA training gloves, MMA shin pads, and a pair of 16 oz boxing / sparring gloves.

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