BJJ - Half Guard X Choke & Variation For Defense

Vitor Avila shows his half guard x choke variation from his feature in Gracie Magazine. This choke is set up from the half guard and by using the lapel control of his opponent Vitor is able to attack this choke from different angles.  A key detail is his shoulder pressure on the chest when he attacks the first choke.  When the opponent reaches over to block the choke, Vitor makes some modifications to set up the a modified - "heard-arm traingle" - neck crank finish from the half guard.  

Vitor can be found training with some of the best BJJ Fighters from around the globe and is also a proud spokesman for the BJJ4Change movement started in Milwaukee Wisconsin and expanding throughout the globe.  

Stop In To Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness to try some BJJ in Milwaukee, the first class is on us!

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