Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, A Tool For Change

The BJJ Show podcast recently hosted Braulio Estima and Nova Gyms co-founder Chris Martin to unveil their new project and ask the BJJ community to unite for a greater good. Braulio unquestionably has one the most inspiring stories in the BJJ community while Chris, who lives the BJJ lifestyle with his two young daughters here in Milwaukee, has an unmatched passion for bringing  jiu jitsu to every child's life.



Listen to the podcast, share it, and give back to the jiu jitsu community by going to and making a contribution today.  

Step one- Spread the word

“You need more than one person to build awareness, you need an entire community to get the word out, that’s what we’re trying to help.” Chris Martin

Step two- Transform lives

“Jiu jitsu has helped transform you, you can help transform other people!”- Chris Martin

Step three- Build A brighter future

“If you do BJJ you know how good it is. Carlos Gracie Sr. always said that he believes that if everyone in the world would practice BJJ, the world would be a much better place to live, I agree and I think we should all embrace that.”- Braulio Estima, BJJ4Change Ambassador

Listen to the full podcast here! To understand a bit more of the bjj4change movement and to see how you can partner with Braulio, Chris, and the rest of the team check out BJJ4Change