Healthy Happy BJJ/Muay Thai

Because Brazilian jiu jitsu includes very close contact between training partners and teammates, it’s important to go the extra mile when it comes to personal hygiene.

If you have just  taken a fitness kickboxing class, a Muay Thai class or finished a circuit training session before stepping onto the BJJ mats to train, be sure to have a clean rash guard or shirt to wear under your gi.

Keeping your fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean prevents cuts and the spread of germs and bacteria. WASHING YOUR GI AFTER EVERY PRACTICE IS A MUST. Even if you feel you didn’t sweat, you have been in contact with others and the mat.

Just like it is important to have a clean gi, it is also important to have your own Muay Thai equipment. Sharing equipment can be unsanitary and unsafe. Using your own pair of gloves and shin guards is the safest way to go.

We keep the cleanest facility in the Milwaukee area and that starts with healthy mats. Our mats are cleaned and sanitized daily and you can help keep your facility healthy and happy!