Aggressive Closed Guard

By Chris Martin

Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time with two of the world's best grapplers, both from the Dominican Republic.  Abraham Marte is a top ranked (multi-world champion) black belt training under Basico BJJ in the Dominican Republic and his student Kaelum Kalista is one of the top-ranked brown belts in the world (number one IBJJF for his weight and age).  Training in the Dominican Republic was paradise, but the guard play from the crew at Basico BJJ was something entirely different than what I had been used to up until now.  

The best way to explain Marte's guard is like walking through a minefield of explosives where every angle is exposed and your base quickly gets broken down with never ending attacks.  

His closed guard game is called "The Aggressive Closed Guard" and he recently launched a DVD which you can get HERE !  I highly reccomend this DVD.  

I learned so much at the BJJ4Change camp and met so many new friends!  Rolling with Abe was a learning experience in itself.  Once Abe cuts off the angle of the shoulder he has your back immediately! 

All this week we will be working closed guard and back takes at Nova Gyms in Oak Creek.  If you have not tried BJJ before now is a great time to get started.