Kids BJJ

BJJ Moves Your Child Can Do At Home.

It is not easy for anyone to walk into a martial arts school for the first time, especially a child. One way you can set up your child for a successful first trial is to what this video with them and practice the moves we show in this video at home before your child’s first day of class. Watching the video with provide your child with a idea of what to expect in our first class together as well as provide them with the opportunity to work on this before their first day at Nova.

So, here are four basic jiu jitsu exercises you can do at home with the kids today:

1) Shrimping Drill

2) Stand In Base Drill

3) Forward & Backwards Rolls

4) Combine Movements

Jiu Jitsu will build confidence if you child over time once they become more proficient with their practice however that end result does take time and consistently on the mat. Get in touch with us today are enrolling your child intro our Jiu Jitsu program at Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness