Judo for Jiu Jitsu Takedown & Turnover

Here at Nova Gyms we believe it’s important to prepare our BJJ students to be proficient on their feet as well as on the ground. Nova Gyms would like to share with you two techniques that you may like to incorporate into your game. The first technique is called Te Guruma which translates to Hand Wheel. The second technique is Sankaku Jime which translates to Triangle Strangle from the turtle position.

Te Guruma:

Te Guruma is a technique that can be used offensively or defensively. We will be sharing one defensive variation for you. The objective of this variation is to stop your opponent from throwing you using a hip style technique (Koshi Waza). Basic breakdown of the technique: You must anticipate the opponents attack, as he/she is turning into you you must drop your hips below your opponents, reaching deep through his/her legs, controlling the inner thigh, as you begin to lift you have to push his/her hips forward with your hips as you began to lift. Hold he/she tight to your body as you lift straight-up. Once both feet are off the ground pull down with your lapel grip causing he/she to turn onto their back as he/she is thrown to the mat.

Sankaku Jime with a Keylock submission:

The objective of this turtle turnover is to defend a single leg attack and get your opponent off his/her base and regain a dominant position and look for a submission. Basic breakdown of technique: Typically an opponent will turn to his/her knees to avoid certain situations and grab for a single leg to regain control. When this happens, use your free leg to hook in behind his/her armpit and bring your heel to your opposite knee creating a triangle. With one hand grabbing the belt and the other controlling the elbow of the arm on the outside of the single leg. Sit to your hip opposite of the single leg side. When opponent is turned on his/her back secure the Key Lock and close the triangle. Once you have the position secured work on the submission i.e. Sankaku Jime (Triangle Choke), Gooseneck wrist-lock,  Ude Garami (Coil Arm lock/Kumura), or transition to the back.