Newbreed: July 13, 2019

Nova kids travel and win in packs. Training multiple times during the week sets our kids up for success. Win or lose, our pack learn and grow as a team every day.



Liberty Thompson (AGE 6)

Gi - Novice without submission - Bronze

No Gi - Novice - Bronze

Lorelei Roche (AGE 6)

Gi - Beginner with submission - 4th place

No Gi - Beginner - Bronze

caleb wilder (AGE 7)

Gi - (8-9yo bracket) Beginner with submission - Bronze

No Gi - (8-9yo bracket) Beginner - Silver

raina roche (AGE 13)

Gi - Solid grey or grey with black stripe-Middleweight - Silver

No Gi - Intermediate-Cruiserweight - 4th place