90 Days To Winning - BJJ Results

Just 3 months ago we launched our free beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fundamental program which introduced a handful of men, and women (who have never before participated before in BJJ) through a crash course program that we were confident could take someone with no previous experience, and turn them into confident, competitive grapplers!

The results were better than expected! 

Q: How did we know that the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that we were teaching in this free program was working?  

A: We hosted an in-house BJJ scrimmage with other local jiu jitsu schools to participate in a competitive venue on November 11th that was safe, positive, and allowed all the white belts to test out their jiu jitsu for themselves.  


Omar has been participating actively 3-4 times a week for the last few months in our jiu jitsu program because as a former college football player now full time medical school student, he had put on some weight and was looking for an alternative to working out at the regular gym and during his 2 months here at Nova he lost over 20 pounds.  

Omar was the lightest in his super heavy weight division, and he had the least experience as all other grapplers all had over 1-2 years of experience.  Omar surprised us all as he finished his match with a double arm out triangle choke that he learner from Coach Rob Smith just days earlier.  Omar's little brother also competed (no picture from event), he also won all his matches and he only started one month ago!  Way to go family!

Mia is a full time parent, student, and professional who makes no excuses about getting to the gym to train.  She made her home at Nova Gyms just 2 months ago and because of her limited schedule had only made a handful of classes before we asked her if she could compete in this last event. Although we all knew that Mia was still very raw at BJJ and still needed to attend most of the fundamental program, she did it anyways, and............

The results were amazing!  Mia learned so much from this event, she tested her self, and surprised us all.  The best part about it is that she fell in love with the sport and now has another healthy hobby to add to her fitness lifestyle.  

Mahmoud is only 17 years old and weighs under 145 pounds.  He has been taking Muay Thai at Nova Gyms since the summer, and has dabbled in BJJ the last few months. Although he felt frustrated at times rolling with everyone at Nova Gyms (as a beginner you lose more than you win), he lit the house on fire competing as the lightest, youngest, and least experienced grappler at this scrimmage. 

With over 4 matches, he had a number of submissions and takedowns that his opponents could not stop.  Not to mention, had the submission of the night with a slick arm bar that had the crowd roaring! 

The best part of his performance was the example he set for his younger brother and cousins who attneded the event and were inspired to start their program with Nova Gyms after they witnessed him in action!  There is still room for you as well, come join us as we build a strong, healthy, community of people who are doing something just a little bit different. #BJJ

DISCLAIMER: You might become addictive to the fastest growing sport in the world, if you have addiction problems from BJJ please call 414-301-4133 today.  Please do not sign up for this program if you do not have the money to buy a new wardrobe.  Jiu Jitsu will cause your body to change shape, you will become more muscular and you will lose weight, you clothes most likely will not fit you anymore after a year or two of doing this.