Safety and BJJ

Nova Gyms is the safest facility in Milwaukee to practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA.  All members of our BJJ team must review our safety videos that detail the mindset and habits of safe training. The first mindset that is addressed is ‘’technique over strength’’ mentality.  This means that during a training session, teammates are applying the techniques that they have learned and not just trying to out muscle and ‘’fight’’ their training partner using strength.  Using muscle and strength instead of proper technique leads to injury and also fosters a dangerously aggressive atmosphere.


Brazilian Jiu jitsu is not about force and aggression but about technique and movement. Having an ‘’I will not tap’’ attitude is also a dangerous mentality to have because it leads to injury.  Having the awareness and attitude of an ‘’I will tap and try again’’ mentality will help you develop and grow throughout your BJJ journey.


At Nova Gyms we aspire to foster a helpful and healthy environment for all of our members.


With the re-introduction of our beginner adult program, it’s important to review the safety videos that we have provided.  Our goal is to help and encourage you along your martial arts journey, and to provide a safe facility to help you reach your personal goals.