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Why Your Childs Martial Arts Training Should Start On The Ground.

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Starting your child’s martial arts training on the ground prepares them for worst case scenarios such as dealing with a bully or much larger aggressor. As soon as they are comfortable and capable to handle their safety in the worst case situations, they will have the confidence and awareness to avoid confrontational interactions before they begin.

Giving your child the tools they need to defend themselves without physically damaging an aggressor is the perfect solution to schoolyard bully incidents. Brazilian jiu jitsu, unlike taekwondo, will give your child a different option instead of punching and kicking their way out of a self defense situation. It will allow your child to safely and effectively shut down a bully without causing any harm or escalating the fight. It allows for the de-escalation by using jiu jitsu to (if needed) escape and get away, or hold an aggressor on the ground until help arrives.

Taekwondo or karate might teach your child how to throw a punch or a kick, but it cannot teach your child how to defend himself should striking cease to be effective or acceptable in the situation. If your child's only avenue of defense is to strike, the situation becomes escalated and more dangerous. Give your children the tools they need to be prepared to safely and effectively protect themselves while limiting the chance of damage or injury. Start their martial arts training from the ground up!

Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness now has Jiu Jitsu for kids 4-12 in Oak Creek & Pewaukee, WI. 


Now is the perfect time to get your child started today!

Safety and BJJ

Nova Gyms is the safest facility in Milwaukee to practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA.  All members of our BJJ team must review our safety videos that detail the mindset and habits of safe training. The first mindset that is addressed is ‘’technique over strength’’ mentality.  This means that during a training session, teammates are applying the techniques that they have learned and not just trying to out muscle and ‘’fight’’ their training partner using strength.  Using muscle and strength instead of proper technique leads to injury and also fosters a dangerously aggressive atmosphere.


Brazilian Jiu jitsu is not about force and aggression but about technique and movement. Having an ‘’I will not tap’’ attitude is also a dangerous mentality to have because it leads to injury.  Having the awareness and attitude of an ‘’I will tap and try again’’ mentality will help you develop and grow throughout your BJJ journey.


At Nova Gyms we aspire to foster a helpful and healthy environment for all of our members.


With the re-introduction of our beginner adult program, it’s important to review the safety videos that we have provided.  Our goal is to help and encourage you along your martial arts journey, and to provide a safe facility to help you reach your personal goals.


Start your MMA Journey from the Ground Up

With mixed martial arts gaining popularity and attention in Milwaukee, Nova Gyms provides the perfect mixed martial arts and cross-training programs to chase your MMA vision, pursue your hobby, get fit fast, or just release any pent up frustrations. We believe that every mixed martial artist should have a solid understanding of how to fight from the ground. For those with MMA aspirations in Milwaukee, our coaches have the professional MMA experience to help you develop through the beginning to the advanced stages of your martial arts journey.  

Because an overwhelming majority of MMA fights end on the ground, Brazilian jiu jitsu is the perfect foundation and preparation for mixed martial arts as well as for ‘’real life’’ self defense.  Our zebra mats provide a clean space with sufficient room to train with our coaches and BJJ team, to practice the skills you need to develop. 

The majority of your MMA training should be spent focusing on transitioning to the ground and knowing how to be in control of the situation using Brazilian jiu jitsu technique.  With classes running six days a week, (twice a day on Tuesday and Thursday), our schedule caters not just to the casual practitioner but also to the hard core fanatic.

Nova Gyms provides the perfect facility for you to pursue your MMA ambitions, begin a fun hobby, or pursue your personal fitness goals!