Why Your Childs Martial Arts Training Should Start On The Ground.

kids bjj starts on ground .jpg

Starting your child’s martial arts training on the ground prepares them for worst case scenarios such as dealing with a bully or much larger aggressor. As soon as they are comfortable and capable to handle their safety in the worst case situations, they will have the confidence and awareness to avoid confrontational interactions before they begin.

Giving your child the tools they need to defend themselves without physically damaging an aggressor is the perfect solution to schoolyard bully incidents. Brazilian jiu jitsu, unlike taekwondo, will give your child a different option instead of punching and kicking their way out of a self defense situation. It will allow your child to safely and effectively shut down a bully without causing any harm or escalating the fight. It allows for the de-escalation by using jiu jitsu to (if needed) escape and get away, or hold an aggressor on the ground until help arrives.

Taekwondo or karate might teach your child how to throw a punch or a kick, but it cannot teach your child how to defend himself should striking cease to be effective or acceptable in the situation. If your child's only avenue of defense is to strike, the situation becomes escalated and more dangerous. Give your children the tools they need to be prepared to safely and effectively protect themselves while limiting the chance of damage or injury. Start their martial arts training from the ground up!

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Now is the perfect time to get your child started today!