Introducing Jason Kazmierczak (Kaz)

Jason Kaz (black belt since 2012 under Daniel Moraes) is the newest addition to our BJJ program at Nova Gyms! We are excited to launch our new no gi and wrestling program! Jason will be teaching no gi BJJ classes on Thursday nights at 7 p.m as well as 6 a.m classes on Tuesday and Thursday morning starting March 2nd.

Blue Belt - Henry Matamoros/ Pedro Sauer
Purple Belt - Henry Matamoros/ Pedro Sauer
Brown Belt - Eric 'Red' Schafer
Black Belt - Daniel Moraes

Started training BJJ in 1994
BJJ Blackbelt since 2012
USA Wrestling Certified Coach
Undefeated MMA fighter

In addition to early morning no-gi classes, starting on April 2nd he will be introducing a youth and adult wrestling program with classes on Sundays at 3-4:14 p.m for youths and 4:30-6 for the adults.


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