Introducing Stan Myaskovskiy

We are happy to introduce Stan Myaskovskiy to our BJJ program here at Nova Gyms. Stan is 10th Planet Purple Belt and will be an excellent addition to our no gi program. Don't forget we have special no gi packages and rates available. Inquire by calling 414-301-4133

Overall JJ Record: 29-23-3 19-12-1 as a Blue Belt vs all levels of competition Best Win Streak: 5 Biggest Loss Streak: 4 NOTABLE WINS: 2013 3rd Place Submission Challenge 170lbs (Chicago) 2014 3rd Place Third Haven Submission Tournament Open Weight (Madison) 3rd Place CMSO 1 (Under 155lbs) 8-man bracket GLTC Alternate Match Winner 2015 CHAMPION Gracie Regionals 155lbs (Chicago) CHAMPION CMSO 2 (155lbs) OPEN BELT 8-man bracket Stars and Stripes Superfight Winner 3rd Place Grind Submission Tournament 170lbs (weighed in 148) 2nd Place CMSO 3 (145lbs) 8-man bracket 2016 Sixels Border Wars SuperFight Winner 2nd Place CMSO 4 (145lbs) 8-man bracket

Lineage: Jigoro Kano → Mitsuyo Maeda → Carlos Gracie, Sr. → Carlos Gracie, Jr. → Jean Jacques Machado → Eddie Bravo → Josh Passini → Stan Myaskovskiy

Nova Gyms is open to all BJJ associations worldwide, if you are interesting in sharing your BJJ knowledge with us please contact us at 414-301-4133