Freedom From Discipline By Jacko Willink.

Thank You Soldiers - 30 Days Free At Nova Gyms 

Thank You Soldiers - 30 Days Free At Nova Gyms 

"Discipline is your best friend and will put you on that path to strength, health , intelligence, and happiness.  Most importantly it will put you on that path to freedom", explains former war vet Jocko Willink. As we enjoy our freedom this memorial day weekend let's take a moment to reflect on the discipline from a soldiers perspective.  What have they sacrificed for us to make us better? More importantly what can we do to make ourselves better as a community?  Jocko Willink explains discipline from his perspective and how you can use it to make you stronger.  

Jocko says that training in martial arts like BJJ and Muay Thai has helped him develop his mindset over the years and he continues to practice these arts because of the personal benefit.  

Military Free 30 Days - Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai  

Life takes discipline to survive and thrive, how can we look at discipline as a tool for personal growth? 

1) Discipline is making yourself stronger, and healthier, eating the right foods to fuel your system. By making yourself stronger you are also helping those around you.

2) Discipline is about treating people the way you want to be treated, and doing the right things to help your team. Every day! 

3) Discipline your emotions to make good decisions, and learning how to control your ego so it does not control you.

4) Discipline is about facing your fears, taking the hard road, to do what is right, and for what is right for other people.  

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