Yoga In The Park - Family Style

Coach Jess Hope - Yoga Milwaukee.  

Coach Jess Hope - Yoga Milwaukee.  

For the rest of June we will continue to host family Yoga in the park at 11am in Grant Park, South Milwaukee.  This is a family friendly yoga event and is meant to bring awareness to the community that alternative fitness is available for the whole family.

Things You Need To Bring To Practice:

1) Yoga Mat 

2) Water

3) Towel 

4) Strap or Belt (optional)

5) Open Mind (no judgement)

Grant Park Yoga Location.  

Grant Park Yoga Location.  

Grant Park is a great location to practice yoga.  The park is close to the beach and the playground in case the kids need to take a break from the practice.  These yoga classes are part of all the Nova Gyms membership packages and also allow for the members to bring a friend to these Saturday yoga practices.  

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There is also still time to take advantage of the 10 week yoga package for $50 (includes these classes)- find out more here: