135lb Female Coach Says Jui Chiu Will Not Work If Attacked

Arizona self defense expert could be providing false security.  

Arizona self defense expert could be providing false security.  

Just days ago grappling coach Dan Hart of Alpha BJJ in Illinois posted a video of proclaimed homeland security self defense expert Jui Chiu of Arizona offering tips to women on how to fight off attackers using only a sharpie.  After watching the entire video Dan Hart was outraged and warned the public "this guy is going to get people killed", and he is right. 

Hart Self Defense

Kaelum Kalista lives in the Dominican Republic and trains women and kids who need to know how to protect themselves, especially in a third world county. Kaelum teaches mixed martial arts to all of his students with an emphasis, of course, on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  "Nothing works like jiu Jitsu, especially for women" says Kalista.  

Kalista Women Empowerment BJJ

After Kalista learned of the Jui Chiu Sharpie System he reacted in disgust similar to Dan Hart as I imagined. 

"This is ridiculous! I hate when people teach things like this because it gives people a false sense of security . They believe this is going to protect them and they end up getting hurt . Seriously shame on this guy for even teaching these things . Guys like this prey on people who have had hardships in their lives like and they are afraid to make money and I find that appalling. Please do the research before taking a "self defense " class especially if the guy says all you need is a sharpie to defend yourself." - Kalista #1 Ranked World BJJ Brown Belt. 

Here is the deal, this self defense "specialist" Jiu Chiu is doing more harm then good. I agree with Dan and Kaelum, people need to be aware of what works and does not work.  As a 130lb female myself, I have experienced first hand what is real, and what is not.  

I am  giving away free self defense classes to women in Wisconsin who want to learn what real self defense is , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Check this out:

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