mma milwaukee

Start your MMA Journey from the Ground Up

With mixed martial arts gaining popularity and attention in Milwaukee, Nova Gyms provides the perfect mixed martial arts and cross-training programs to chase your MMA vision, pursue your hobby, get fit fast, or just release any pent up frustrations. We believe that every mixed martial artist should have a solid understanding of how to fight from the ground. For those with MMA aspirations in Milwaukee, our coaches have the professional MMA experience to help you develop through the beginning to the advanced stages of your martial arts journey.  

Because an overwhelming majority of MMA fights end on the ground, Brazilian jiu jitsu is the perfect foundation and preparation for mixed martial arts as well as for ‘’real life’’ self defense.  Our zebra mats provide a clean space with sufficient room to train with our coaches and BJJ team, to practice the skills you need to develop. 

The majority of your MMA training should be spent focusing on transitioning to the ground and knowing how to be in control of the situation using Brazilian jiu jitsu technique.  With classes running six days a week, (twice a day on Tuesday and Thursday), our schedule caters not just to the casual practitioner but also to the hard core fanatic.

Nova Gyms provides the perfect facility for you to pursue your MMA ambitions, begin a fun hobby, or pursue your personal fitness goals!