Jiu Jitsu Back Control Drills #1

It is important that we maintain the back position once we earn it (the most dominate position in jiu-jitsu) however a good jiu- jitsu player will always try to fight out of your back control so we always need to be ready to defend our position.

To start this series of moves we will begin with an over and under seat belt grip and both hooks in around our opponent.

Back Escape and Retention As Opponent Turtles:

Once our partner initiates the escape by passing over our hooks then we will follow them to their turtle guard while re-inserting our hooks and keeping control of the back.

Repeat this for drilling purposes,

No Choke Drill - hold the opponent on the back with no submissions:

This is a great way to begin back drills for beginners who are just learning the back position without worrying about getting choked. Instead the focus is 100% movement and taking the time to learn how to escape the back.