Back Take

Attacking The Turtle Guard 101

If this series we teach the beginner how to attack the turtle position by threatening the back position which is the most dominate position in Brazilian jiu jitsu. If we cannot maintain the back position because our opponment attempts to escape we address what we need to do in this video.

1) Turtle Position Back Take - “Cowboy Stance / aka Horse Stance”. Once you have the seat belt grip (under-over) on your opponent who is turtled-up in a defensive position we will stand with both legs and chop our bottom hook as we take the back. This is also a great technique for mixed martial arts.

2) Back Loss To Mount - Once I have the opponents back I need to make sure that I stay of his back however if he/she escapes my back position I do not want to give up the top position, in other wards end up in my guard. If anything I need to stay on the mount position. This drill teaches us to stay on top if we lose the back.

3) Flow Back Loss To Mount - Here is a drill that we can do what will help the beginner learn how to move with their partner in this fundamentals flow drill.