Yoga In The Park - Family Style

Coach Jess Hope - Yoga Milwaukee.  

Coach Jess Hope - Yoga Milwaukee.  

For the rest of June we will continue to host family Yoga in the park at 11am in Grant Park, South Milwaukee.  This is a family friendly yoga event and is meant to bring awareness to the community that alternative fitness is available for the whole family.

Things You Need To Bring To Practice:

1) Yoga Mat 

2) Water

3) Towel 

4) Strap or Belt (optional)

5) Open Mind (no judgement)

Grant Park Yoga Location.  

Grant Park Yoga Location.  

Grant Park is a great location to practice yoga.  The park is close to the beach and the playground in case the kids need to take a break from the practice.  These yoga classes are part of all the Nova Gyms membership packages and also allow for the members to bring a friend to these Saturday yoga practices.  

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Check Out The Grant Park Location:

There is also still time to take advantage of the 10 week yoga package for $50 (includes these classes)- find out more here: 



Nova Kids BJJ Coach Joanna - Double Gold Performance

On May 20th, 2017 kids BJJ coach Joanna Trindade competed at Combat Corner BJJ tournament in Milwaukee, WI and came out with two 1st place wins.  In Jiu Jitsu tournaments like this one each round is five minutes unless someone can get a submission, however Joanna was able to finish all four of her matches in less than five minutes, combinedCheck it out: 

1:38 Finish Choke 

44 Second Arm Bar: 

43 Second Arm Bar: 

27 Second Lapel Choke: 

Kids & Adults BJJ Scrimmage April 2017

April 1st was the third chapter for BJJ Scrimmage events. We had multiple schools from the Midwest area come out and represent including Red Schafer MMA, Open Guard BJJ, Crossover BJJ Academy, Fight Prime Training Center and many more!

This was the biggest event yet with a 60/40 ratio of adults to youth competitors. Nova Gyms was happy to host this event and watch our BJJ team compete.

These events are a good opportunity to see the areas of weakness and strengths in our teams. Our kids showed great persistence and heart, always pushing the pace and moving forward.

BJJ Kids Scrimmage

We were pleased to have LocoJitsu displaying his beautiful artwork and will be looking forward to seeing him at future events.

Loco Jitsu - BJJ Art

Schools from all over Wisconsin and the Midwest were represented in this event and we are looking forward to even larger events in the future, stay tuned and be sure to put your email address on the list so that you can stay in the loop!

Jiu Jitsu Scrimmage

June 24th is the date of our next event which will be hosted by Open Guard in Oconomowoc Wi, registration is already open so mark your calendars.

Next event pre-registration at

Next event pre-registration at

Thank you Milwaukee Classic Pizza for sponsoring this event!

Gold Sponsors - Milwaukee Classic Pizza (Howell Ave) 

Gold Sponsors - Milwaukee Classic Pizza (Howell Ave) 

Milwaukee Has The Newest Innovations In Fitness & Martial Arts Training

It is no secret that people these days despise the treadmill, and with limited time in their busy schedules spending hours on a machine at a $10 fitness facility just is not cutting it anymore, but there is a new and more effective way to work out right here in Wisconsin that is taking the country by storm!

Laura Langemo Of Fox 6 News comes to Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness In Oak Creek

Laura Langemo Of Fox 6 News comes to Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness In Oak Creek


Laura Langemo of Fox 6 News stopped into our Oak Creek gym to find out what the hype is all about and try some fitness kickboxing with the rest of our students who come weekly to train with our caring coaches who want to help you and your friends hit your fitness goals in 2017.

Our kickboxing fitness classes are split up so that the beginners and advanced level students can train kickboxing fitness during any of our class times. This group style training environment helps keep people motivated and excited to keep coming back to this gym for more.  

Why Kickboxing At Nova Gyms? 

Unlike other martial arts training facilities that charge over $75-$150 per month for their classes, we offer flexible payment options at half that cost and provide you with a full schedule of classes that allow you to come to workout with our coaches anytime during our open business hours.  Your first class is always free and you need no prior experience to do any of our classes!  Give us a call today at 414-301-4133 and schedule your free consultation where we will design a training schedule and workout plan to get you started right away.  

April 1st - In House BJJ Scrimmage - Kids & Adults

We are excited to announce and invite you to another BJJ Scrimmages event hosted at Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness on April 1st! This event is designed to help BJJ players of all ages gain valuable competitive experience without paying steep registration costs and spending all day at a venue!

Event Schedule: Kids pre-registration and check-in will begin at 9:30 a.m and brackets will begin rolling at 10 a.m until 12 noon. There will be a break at 12 noon for lunch, then adult check-in will begin at 1 p.m with brackets starting at 1:30 lasting until 3:30 p.m

Cost: Registration cost for kids and adults is $25. With families of more than one competitor a maximum of $50 will be charged for the whole family.

Introducing Stan Myaskovskiy

We are happy to introduce Stan Myaskovskiy to our BJJ program here at Nova Gyms. Stan is 10th Planet Purple Belt and will be an excellent addition to our no gi program. Don't forget we have special no gi packages and rates available. Inquire by calling 414-301-4133

Overall JJ Record: 29-23-3 19-12-1 as a Blue Belt vs all levels of competition Best Win Streak: 5 Biggest Loss Streak: 4 NOTABLE WINS: 2013 3rd Place Submission Challenge 170lbs (Chicago) 2014 3rd Place Third Haven Submission Tournament Open Weight (Madison) 3rd Place CMSO 1 (Under 155lbs) 8-man bracket GLTC Alternate Match Winner 2015 CHAMPION Gracie Regionals 155lbs (Chicago) CHAMPION CMSO 2 (155lbs) OPEN BELT 8-man bracket Stars and Stripes Superfight Winner 3rd Place Grind Submission Tournament 170lbs (weighed in 148) 2nd Place CMSO 3 (145lbs) 8-man bracket 2016 Sixels Border Wars SuperFight Winner 2nd Place CMSO 4 (145lbs) 8-man bracket

Lineage: Jigoro Kano → Mitsuyo Maeda → Carlos Gracie, Sr. → Carlos Gracie, Jr. → Jean Jacques Machado → Eddie Bravo → Josh Passini → Stan Myaskovskiy

Nova Gyms is open to all BJJ associations worldwide, if you are interesting in sharing your BJJ knowledge with us please contact us at 414-301-4133

Introducing Jason Kazmierczak (Kaz)

Jason Kaz (black belt since 2012 under Daniel Moraes) is the newest addition to our BJJ program at Nova Gyms! We are excited to launch our new no gi and wrestling program! Jason will be teaching no gi BJJ classes on Thursday nights at 7 p.m as well as 6 a.m classes on Tuesday and Thursday morning starting March 2nd.

Blue Belt - Henry Matamoros/ Pedro Sauer
Purple Belt - Henry Matamoros/ Pedro Sauer
Brown Belt - Eric 'Red' Schafer
Black Belt - Daniel Moraes

Started training BJJ in 1994
BJJ Blackbelt since 2012
USA Wrestling Certified Coach
Undefeated MMA fighter

In addition to early morning no-gi classes, starting on April 2nd he will be introducing a youth and adult wrestling program with classes on Sundays at 3-4:14 p.m for youths and 4:30-6 for the adults.


Now providing special no-gi membership packages. Learn more by filling out the form below:

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Introducing Nova Gyms Wrestling Program

Nova Gyms will be introducing a youth and adult wrestling program open to all of the community as well as current Nova Gyms members. This high performance program will be held Sundays from 3-4:15 p.m for kids ages 4-13 and adults 14 years from 4:30-6 p.m at our Oak Creek location. 

Wrestling coach Jason Kazmierczak's program will include:

  • 10-15 minute warm up

  • 10-15 minutes of drilling

  • 10-15 minutes of instruction

  • 30-45 minutes of live wrestling matches and situational drills

  •  Kids classes are for youths 13 yrs and under and adult classes are for everyone 14 yrs and over.

Session 1 dates- 4/2,  4/9, 4/23,  4/30,  5/7,  5/21,  5/28,  6/4,  6/11,  6/18,  7/16,  7/30,  8/6,  8/13,  8/20, 8/27

No class on 4/16,  5/14,  6/25,  7/9,  7/23 

This 16 class program is open to the community for $50.  There is no cost to Nova Gyms members for this elective class.   

Call 414-301-4133 with any questions!

Nova Gyms is located on 27th street just south of College Ave. in the Pick N Save parking lot. 



Don’t let winter keep you indoors this season!  Milwaukee will be covered in snow for the next few months and what better way to keep warm than burning calories in our functional fitness classes and HIIT sessions!


Whether your strength and conditioning routine is designed to supplement your Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu jitsu training, or just to keep in shape with some functional fitness, our trainers and coaches at Nova Gyms Milwaukee location are well equipped to help you reach your goals.


Training your strength and conditioning are an important part of your everyday life but also improve your stamina and endurance on the mats. You don’t need to be a competitive athlete to benefit from our functional fitness or HIIT classes! We tailor our fitness classes to work for everyone, all ages and fitness levels.


We are offering membership deals through the holiday season so try your free class today!



BJJ CLINICS Presents: BJJ SCRIMMAGE 2 & 3 Coming Up

BJJ Clinics & Scrimmages are revolutionizing the Jiu Jitsu community in Milwaukee and the entire Midwest by providing an alternative to expensive all-day tournaments that may end in frustration and low turn-out. The scrimmages put on by BJJClinics are inexpensive, fast paced  and set up to make sure you or your child get as many of the best matches possible.

Blue belts showcase their competitive flow at the last BJJ Scrimmage. 

Blue belts showcase their competitive flow at the last BJJ Scrimmage. 

For newer (or even not so new) jiu jitsu practitioners, it isn’t always practical to pay a high registration fee and take an entire day to dedicate to a competition that may only offer one or two matches per division. BJJ Clinics have substantially lowered registration fees and developed a more fun competitive event for kids and adults to spend more time rolling and less time waiting around!

White belts get a good idea of what competition is like before they have to step on the real competition floor. Good experience! 

White belts get a good idea of what competition is like before they have to step on the real competition floor. Good experience! 

Currently set in our Oak Creek location at Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness, our facility offers a large, clean mat space in a family friendly environment equipped with changing and locker rooms. We are opening up our facility to the entire Milwaukee area BJJ community for these events so mark your calendars for our upcoming scrimmage events scheduled for January 13, and March 31!

Increase Your Flexibility With Martial Arts Training

Stretching is an important part of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and fitness training. Part of your warmup and cooldown should always include some stretching to prevent injury, increase flexibility and speed up recovery time. Your jiu jitsu game will improve as your flexibility increases and your probability of injury decreases.  Hip mobility is important for any martial arts training, here are some great ideas that you can try before and after your next training session.


Our jiu jitsu program, Muay Thai program and fitness classes all include some sort of mobility warm ups that prepare your body for activity. We also provide foam rollers and yoga balls for your use.  

Feel free to talk to our trainers and instructors if you have questions or concerns about how to speed recovery, prevent injury or how to use the foam rollers or yoga balls to improve your performance.

BJJ Lion Killer Coming To Milwaukee On Saturday

Get to know The Lion Killer, Garry Tonon, who will be at Nova Gyms in Milwaukee this Saturday for a special vip BJJ clinic.  

Garry Tonon is one of the best grapplers on the circuit right now, check him out at Nova Gyms in Milwaukee this Saturday. 

Garry Tonon is one of the best grapplers on the circuit right now, check him out at Nova Gyms in Milwaukee this Saturday. 

If you do not know Garry you must know that he is one of the best competitive grapplers on the BJJ circuit right now.  This video is a great introduction to Garry and his philosophies on Jiu Jitsu. 

There are still a few spots left for this event, for details email :( or call 3129338658.